Lunch Menu

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Created by: Chef Dusty
Brunch Burger ~ Grinder patty, fried egg, peanut sauce, plum sauce, smoked gouda, fried onions 13

Toad in a Hole~ Two slices of wheat toast with an egg fried in the center of each slice stuffed with smoked gouda, bratwurst and maple aioli served with a side of country bacon gravy 12

Above served with chips, fries, soup, or fresh fruit. Substitute onion rings or a house salad for $2, buffalo fries or chips $1

Breakfast Tacos~ Slow roasted pork, onions, peppers, scrambled eggs, white cheddar, salsa roja, pickles, corn tortillas 7

Raspberry Avocado Salad ~ Fresh spinach, bacon, pickled avocados, fresh raspberries, sliced shallots, and gorgonzola crumbles, honey Dijon 11